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About the Artist

About the Artist

Born and raised on the coast of California, I spent the first part of my life romping through the sand and surf, and developing a profound appreciation for chasing sunlight along the way. I made my way into the world of science communication, earning a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Natural Resources Journalism-chasing stories in Vietnam, North Africa, and the Middle East.

I now reside in the Rockies of Montana where I manage Seacat Creative, a world-renowned creative content development agency in the outdoor sector. We've helped clients such as GORE-TEX, Patagonia, and YETI tell the stories that matter. 

On a more personal level, I'm curious by nature and seek to engage people in subject matter they wouldn't normally reflect upon. One of the greatest gifts and challenges lies in capturing the intangible. The emotions. The feelings. The spirits of my subjects. I find these to be the most precious artifacts in life.